Austin 70.3

Congrats to Finish Strong’s Zach Miller, Dale Claudel, James Carlson and David Blackerby for conquering Austin 70.3 on Sunday, October 30.  Fog led to a cancelled swim and delayed race. The athletes had to start the bike in waves of 4 by bib number under very hot, hilly conditions.  Despite many DNFs, our team survived nicely:

Claudel, W Dale —02:32:15 bike 01:44:22 run 04:19:36 overall  – 10th in his 50-54 AG

Miller, Zachary–02:30:21 bike  01:33:12 run  04:05:03 overall – 9th in his 25-29 AG

Blackerby, David—02:59:32 bike 02:23:00 run  05:26:20 overall

Carlson, James—02:41:31bike 02:06:31run  04:51:35 overall



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