Buffalo Spring Half Ironman

Congrats to Arthur Schubert who completed his first half Ironman distance race at Buffalo Springs on June 25 with a brilliant sub 6 hour time with a sub 2 hour run.  Coach John Tortorici adds, “Arthur did an amazing job. Very impressive for a hard course.”

Tri Aggieland

Team FSR was well represented at Tri Aggieland on Sunday, July 9 in College Station by John McGowan and Amie Quinn.  John finished in 1:16:23. Amie finished in 1:15:50 and was awarded was 3rd place in her Age Group. Tri Aggieland was a 400 meter pool swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 5k race.  Congrats!


Sylvan Beach Tri/Duathlon

Despite choppy waters, Finish Strong Racing team had a good day at the Sylvan Beach Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon on Sunday, June 11. It was a 500 yard swim, 15 mile bike, and 3 mile run. FSR’s Byron Moore took first place (Clydesdales), Pam Meaux and Yves Puisieux both took 1st (Duathlon 55-59) and Mark Hanlon first place (Triathlon 55-59). Scott Peterson also got 10th overall and 3rd Triathlon 35-39. FSR’s Rodrigo and Manuel Abascal, Cheryl Perry and Nick Crafton also had nice tri races. In the duathlon, Pam was joined by teammates Yves Puisieux, Gordon Irving and Julio Morales.

Our SelecTRI youth also did great – Chase Cieslar took 1st and Luca Menendez took 3rd in under 14 in the sprint triathlon.

Scott Peterson – 1:09:03 (10th overall – 3rd in 35-39 AG)
Mark Hanlon – 1:15:08  (1st in 55-59 AG)
Byron Moore – 1:20:31   (1st in Clydesdale)
Rodrigo Abascal -1:23:30 (2nd in 20-24 AG)
Manuel Abascal – 1:28:23  (7th in 50-54 AG)
Chase Cieslar  – SelecTRI 1st in 1-14 AG
Luca Menendez – 1:40:49 – SelecTRI 3rd in 1-14 AG
Cheryl Perry – 1:44:37 (7th in 50-54 AG)
Nick Crafton – 1:44:42 (First tri)
Irina Shikounova – 1:58:43 (11th in 45-49 AG)

Pam Meaux – 1:24:16 (1st in 55-59 AG)
Yves Puisieux – 1:28:45 (1st in 55-59 AG)
Gordon Irving – 1:31:10 (5th in 45-49 AG)
Julio Morales – 1:34:27 (8th in 40-44 AG)

For more results, go to:

Tejas Sugar Tri

Congrats to our Finish Strong athletes who competed at Tejas Sugar Tri race held on Sunday, June 4th in Sugarland, Texas with 279 participants. Alan Jones was 2nd in his AG and 8th overall. Jack Alexander came in 1st in his AG and 15th overall. Kim Jones was 7th in her AG.

Alan Jones – 9:06 swim 25:07 bike (23.8 mph) 21:10 run (7:03/mi pace) 57:07.7
Jack Alexander – 8:10 swim 25:39 bike (23.4 mph) 23:30 run (7:50/mi) 59:21.2
Kim Smith – 14:35 swim 30:51 bike (19.5 mph) 25:48 run (8:36/mi) 1:14:14.5

Two of our SelecTRI juniors – Kensie Gunter and John Golden also did very well at Tejas Tri. John won his 15-19 male division in 1:06:46 and Kensie won her 15-19 female division in 1:07:48. Congrats to all!

For more results, go to:

Tri Ft Worth Half Ironman

Finish Strong Racing was represented well in the inaugural Tri Ft Worth Half Ironman. John McGowan, Gloria Shrewsbury, Ellen Hammond, Courtney Leone, Kim Bryant, Ken Page, Adnan Afzal, and honorary FSR member Shannon Vultaggio competed on May 21.  A difficult course that started with lightning strikes, rollers (which is still a fancy word for hills), and the blistering sun for the run.  John McGowan reports, “Not my fastest time, but thanks to those brick roads in the Stockyard district, I got to ride the final 4 miles with an aero bar that broke off. At least it was at the end.”  Congrats to all our athletes!

Overall race results:

Ken Page     7:29:38

Kim Bryant   7:15:24

Gloria Shrewsbury  7:08:04

Ellen Kurtz-Hammond   7:08:16 (3rd in her AG!)

Adnan Afzal          7:08:04

Courtney Shannon    7:55:50

Shannon Vultaggio     7:57:25

For more on the race results, go to: https://runscore.runsignup.com/Race/Results/?raceId=47736#resultSetId-80726

Bassman Half Ironman Triathlon

Congratulations to Finish Strong Racing’s Alan Jones who raced Bassman Half Triathlon on May 20.  This was Alan’s first sub 5 hour half Ironman distance race with an overall time of 4:48:05.  Alan finished 2nd in his age group and 3rd overall!  His splits were shown as 35:06 swim; T1 3:57; bike 2:25:18; T2 8:15:33 (did this transition time include some of your bike time, Alan?); run 1:43:45.

For more results, go to:





Congrats to Finish Strong Coach and Racing Team Member – Zach Miller – who ran the TROT XC 8K in just 31:32.  This USATF race featured a Texas shaped .5 mile loop run 10 times for 8k. Zach finished 2nd overall, and kept his 1st place lead in the USATF Guld Grand Prix Series. Way to go!

For more race results, go to: https://ultrasignup.com/results_event.aspx?did=44256



Finish Strong Racing team members were well represented with 57 competitors and 30+ volunteers at the 14th annual CBI TRI – The Woodlands Sprint Distance Triathlon held on Saturday, May 6, 2017. This year’s race served as the Texas State Triathlon Championship. Scott Peterson competed as an elite and came in 5th among the elites. Podium finishers from Finish Strong included: Zach Miller who won his 25-29 age group and came in 2nd overall among groupers. Dale Claudel finished 5th overall and 2nd in his competitive 45-49 AG. Mark Hanlon won his AG and Jim Harrington and Phillip DePrang took 3rd in their respective AGs. Byron Moore took 1st in the 30-39 Clydesdale Division. For the women, Sarah Moore won her AG and Chantal Requier took 2nd in her AG. Kristen Gohlke and Drew Nichols each took 4th in their age groups. See below for race results. Congrats to all!

Aberastury Peter 1:20
Afzal Adnan 1:23
Allan Paul 1:15
Barbosa Marty 1:22
Belforti Gabe 1:18
Bell Sheri 1:18
Bliazis Debi 1:32
Carlson James 1:10
Carroll Ileana 1:26 7th in 50-54 AG
Clark Casey 1:22
Claudel Dale 1:01 2nd in 45-49 AG 5th overall!
Claudel Lisa 1:40
Clouthier Stephen 1:11
Crafton Nicholas 1:29
DePrang Phillip 1:17 3rd in 65-69 AG
Espinosa Hugo 1:21
Everett Michael 1:13
Finger Bradley 1:20
Garzon Eduardo 1:08
Gohlke Kristen 1:17 4th in 30-34 AG
Goodwin Karen 1:24 6th in 50-54 AG
Grossmann Pia 1:27
Hanlon Mark 1:05 1st in 55-59 AG
Harrington Jim 1:04 3rd in 50-54 AG
Hartley Sara 1:39
Irving Gordon 1:18
Johnson Chad 1:16
Jones Alan 1:03 6th in 45-49 AG
Luna Janet 1:48
Martinez Hernan 1:26
McGowan John 1:18
Meaux Pam 1:22 7th in 55-59 AG
Miller Zach :58 1st in 25-29 AG 2nd overall!
Moore Byron 1:13 1st in Clydesdale 30-39
Moore Sarah 1:04 1st in 35-39 AG
Morin Sharon 1:21 6th in 55-59 AG
Nichols Drew 1:08 4th in 15-19 AG
Page Kenneth 1:20
Paling Pamela 1:22 5th in 50-54 AG
Perry Cheryl 1:26 8th in 50-54 AG
Peterson Scott 1:01 5th in elite; 8th overall
Portilla Sara 1:15 8th in 35-39 AG
Quinn Amie 1:17
Ratcliff Marcus 1:18
Requier Chantal 1:09 2nd in 45-49 AG
Richardson Pam 1:55
Robert Seth 1:19
Sacchieri Keith 1:29
Scott Brent 1:09
Shikounova Irina 1:32
Shrewsbury Gloria 1:19
Smith Kim 1:23
Staton Deborah 1:17 8th in 45-49 AG
Stephan Allison 1:20
Tortorici John 1:09
Tozark Joseph 1:23

For more on race results: go to: https://www.thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov/770/Awards-and-Results


Ironman Texas

Congrats to our Finish Strong Racing team for capturing 1st in our team division for Ironman Texas on Saturday, April 22.  We had 24 athletes racing and countless others volunteering at various locations at our hometown Ironman race that happens to also be the North American National Championship Ironman race!  Twenty-four team mates started the endurance 140.6 mile race and 22 finished.  (Sadly, Michelle Howard through no fault of her own got trapped by two other cyclists on the bike and crashed leading to a trip to ER for broken collar bone, three fractured ribs and 5 stitches on her hand.) The weather was cooperative with relatively cool temperatures and overcast skies for the majority of the race.  However, the athletes had to contend with strong headwinds that made portions of the bike ride difficult. Congrats to all on this outstanding feat.  Eight of our athletes got to hear Mike Reilly announce “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” to them for the first time.  One of our athletes, Jim Harrington, completed his 12th Ironman which puts him in the running for a slot at the World Championship Race in Kona. Sara Moore made her debut with a 9th place finish in her age group and the fastest swim for her age group.  Wow!


Here are the results:

FSR Ironman Texas 2017 Results – 1st overall team in Division IV!
Athlete Swim Bike Run Overall
Sheri Bell 1:19:29 7:24:18 5:35:47 14:37:59 1st IM
BJ Bergeron 1:37:45 7:16:46 5:16:24 14:35:50
Debi Bliazis 1:52:28 7:17:27 5:44:31 15:12:26 1st IM
Greg Champion 1:21:40 6:07:12 5:04:12 13:00:49
Brandon Galownia 1:01:54 6:27:00 4:52:23 12:41:14 1st IM
Jeff Goodwin 1:10:53 6:10:56 4:38:01 12:13:47
Jim Harrington 1:07:16 5:42:43 4:19:30 11:21:46 12th IM – Legacy
Abraham Hernandez 1:52:26 7:14:32 5:39:58 15:01:56
Carl Holt 1:19:07 6:08:44 4:18:01 12:01:01
Michelle Howard 1:28:48 bike crash
Chad Johnson 1:23:11 6:58:21 4:54:49 13:43:27 1st IM
Randy Keir 1:27:36 7:01:43 5:53:38 14:49:56 1st IM
Paul Moore 1:24:21 6:47:24 4:23:03 13:08:47
Sarah Moore 0:59:37 5:19:57 4:04:19 10:33:34 1st IM 9th in AG Fastest swim in AG
Jerry Palmer 1:27:49 6:01:59 5:05:16 12:58:33
Sara Portilla 1:27:42 5:34:25 4:18:45 11:36:55 1st IM
Yves Puisieux 1:38:30 6:54:28 5:02:59 14:01:07
Seth Robert 1:33:06 6:38:32 4:45:55 13:18:07 1st IM
Scott Schweinsberg 1:42:58 7:40:19 5:49:40 15:35:10
Brent Scott 1:32:29 6:00:41 4:30:11 12:20:29
Allison Stephan 1:26:53 6:25:18 6:27:30 14:41:22
Davis Teichgraeber 1:15:38 6:17:56 4:42:23 12:33:04 1st IM
John Tortorici 1:24:43 6:37:59 4:52:08 13:14:03
Yasmin Wadhai 1:29:02 6:28:53 3:52:07 12:03:23


For more team pics, go to our Finish Strong Coaching Facebook page!

For more results, go to: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/detail.aspx?race=texas&y=2017#axzz4f6aZHaKi