The Woodlands Marathon and Half Marathon

Congrats to all 39 of our Finish Strong athletes who competed in The Woodlands Marathon/Half Marathon/5K on a beautiful March 3rd morning in The Woodlands. 31 of our athletes ran the half marathon; 3 completed the marathon; 3 ran 18 miles of the marathon as a training run; and 1 ran the 5K. We had several PRs, Boston Qualifier, and three folks on the podium. Way to go!

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Here are our results:

Name Race Time
Eduardo Garzon TW Full 3:14:11
John McGowan TW Full 5:03:23
Michelle Howard TW Full 4:06:52 BQ!
Andreas GrossmanTW Half 1:50
Barry Carroll TW Half 1:46 PR!
Bill Glaser TW Half 1:24:38 2nd in AG
Bret Strong TW Half 1:46
Craig Kornriech TW Half 1:45:19
Dana Kornreich TW Half 2:17:25
Dulce Del Angel TW Half 1:45
Irina ShikounovaTW Half 2:36:35
James Carlson TW Half 1:38:15
Jen Anthony TW Half 1:37
Joseph Tokarz TW Half 1:50:17 PR!
Katerina SavelievaTW Half 2:01:21
Ken Page TW Half 1:54
Kevin Baker TW Half 1:31:30
Kevin Barnett TW Half 1:53
Kyle Quinn TW Half 1:53
Mark Hanlon TW Half 1:34:02 3rd in AG
Mike Menster TW Half 1:23:20 1ST in AG
Nathan Holt TW Half 2:15
Pam Meaux TW Half 1:54
Pam Paling TW Half 2:07
Phillip DePrang TW Half 1:54 4th in AG
Pia Grossman TW Half 2:42:34
Richard ZambranoTW Half 2:26 legally blind
Rob Banzaf TW Half 1:35 PR!
Scott SchweinbergTW Half 2:26
Senthil Govindarajulu TW Half 2:07:58
Sharon Morin TW Half 1:54
Steve Phillips TW Half 2:10
Steve Rech TW Half 1:57:11
Victor Martinez TW Half 1:39:46 PR!
Yves Puisseux TW Half 1:40 PR!
Bob Bailey TW 18 mi 3:30
Kathleen Crea TW 18 mi 3:30
Sara Vanderford TW 18 mi 3:30
Nithya ShanmugamTW 5K 30:37:00

Above are unofficial results. For official results, go to:

Houston Marathon and Half Marathon

Congrats to twenty-nine Finish Strong athletes who competed in the blustery cold Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon on Sunday, January 14, 2018.

Here are the team results for the marathon:

William Glaser – 3:05:11

Eduardo Garzon – 3:23:34

Jenny Hatler – 3:27:29

Sarah Moore – 3:29:14

Yves Puisieux – 3:35:20

Lee Allen – 3:38

Ken Page – 3:48:46

Steve Rech – 4:02:37 – 1 HOUR PR!

Michelle Howard – 4:12:56

Jennifer Allen – 4:33:46

Nikki Miller – 4:36

Lynn Bennick – 4:42:18

Don Ellisor – 4:43:04

Karen Goodwin – 4:43:39

Here are half marathon results:

Kevin Baker – 1:32:37

Dana Lyons – 1:33:03

Victor Martinez – 1:41:20

Michelle Correal – 1:46:37

Joe McClellan – 1:49:16

Sharon Morin – 1:49:37

John McGowan – 1:54:47 – 5 minute PR

Pamela Paling – 1:59:47

Katerina Savelieva – 2:03:47

Amber Brock – 2:06:12

Ivonne Vandanam – 2:12:11

Christy Gonzales – 2:13:00

Ligia Felsen – couldn’t find your results

Bob Bailey – 2:30:32

Sara Hartley – 2:35:11

Congrats to all for toughing out the cold conditions!  Way to go!!

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Towne Lake Tri and Duathlon

Finish Strong Racing athletes braved the cold temperatures and participated in the Towne Lake Olympic and Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon on Sunday, December 10.  Dale Claudel won 2nd overall in the duathlon.  Mark Hanlon was Master’s Winner in the Olympic triathlon.  Mark was 7th overall out of a reduced field of 91 because of the 55 degree water temp and 35 degree air temp.

Olympic Tri

17 Mark Hanlon  6:12.1 swim;  4:41.7 T1;  1:04:57.8 21.8mph bike; 2:27.3 T2,  45:12.6 7:08/M run 2:03:31.7 overall


2 Dale Claudel 17:45.8 swim; 1:10.1 T1; 28:45.9 24.6mph bike;  1:04.9 T2; 21:51.2 6:30/M run 1:10:38.1 overall

Sprint Tri

4 Bradley Finger  8:58.7 swim;  5:21.9 T1;  38:16.9 18.5mph bike; 3:12.4 T2;  29:18.6 8:43/M run 1:25:08.6 overall  – 4th in AG

7 John McGowan 7:03.8 swim; 5:18.3 T1; 40:19.4 17.5mph bike; 1:49.2 T2;  27:24.7 8:09/M run 1:21:55.7 overall

3  Alan Jones  7:34.7 swim; 4:10.7 T1;  31:53.2 22.2mph bike; 1:33.9 T2;  25:42.2 7:39/M run 1:10:55.0 overall – 3rd in AG



Mark Hanlon wins Master’s in the Olympic Tri!
John McGowan overcomes the cold!

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Run Through the Woods

Happy Thanksgiving!  And congrats to all who participated in a turkey trot today.  The Woodlands hosted the Run through the Woods – 5 mile and 3 mile run and 1 mile kids run.  Mike Menster, Bill Glaser, Kevin Baker, Pam Meaux, and Sharon Morin all represented Finish Strong Racing and had podium finishes.  Way to go!

Cypress Half Marathon

It was a beautiful morning for a half marathon for Finish Strong’s Ileana Carroll, Bob Bailey and Sara Vanderford who finished together at the Cypress Half Marathon.

Here are the results:

Sara Vanderford: 2:20:15 (6th in AG 55-59)
Bob Bailey: 2:20:13
Ileana Carroll: 2:20:13

Way to represent!


Oilman Half Ironman Distance Tri and Aquabike

Congrats to all our Finish Strong Racing team who competed at the Oilman Half Ironman Distance Triathlon on Sunday, November 5th in at La Torreta Resort in Montgomery.  We had a fine showing from our team athletes and several of the parents from our SelecTRI youth team also competed – Michael Diehl, Dana Sutter, Joseph Cabriana.

Winning the co-ed relay team (and the fastest of any relay team of the day) were Finish Strong’s Sarah Moore (swim), Dale Claudel (bike) and Ryan Miller (run).  Ryan did back-to-back races winning the Texas 10 Series race before sprinting up to Oilman to compete in the final leg of our winning relay team!  Still waiting final relay results from Oilman, but this threesome tore up the course!  Also competing in the all female relay from Finish Strong were KaSaBa – Kathleen Crea, Sara Vanderford and Barbara Santi.  Well done!  I will update once relay results are online.

Other podium finishers were Scott Peterson who won 2nd in his age group and 10th overall, Pam Meaux won 2nd in her AG,  and Andrew Nicholas who won his age group.  Both Davis T. and Sharon Morin captured 4th in their AGs.  Special kudos to first-timers who accomplished the half Ironman distance – Kevin Burnett, Gene Blount, Kim Smith and Nick Crafton.   Hugo Espinosa competed in the Aquabike event.

Huge thanks to all our wonderful FSC and SelecTRI team members who came out to volunteer. We had folks body marking, handing out chips, wet suit stripping, transition, and handling the finish line until the very last competitor crossed the line.  Fantastic support!


Here are the results:


And Aquabike: 


For more on results, go to:



Fairfield Tri and Duathlon

Finish Strong Racing had a great showing at the Fairfield Tri and Du held on Sunday, October 22 in Cypress, Texas.  In the triathlon, Alan Jones won the male masters, Phillip Deprang won male grandmasters, Keith Sacchieri won his age group, Byron Moore, Andreas Grossman and Pia Grossman all took 3rd in their AGs, and Joe Tokarz finished 4th in his AG.  In the duathlon, Julio Morales finished 2nd in his AG and Gordon Irving finished 1st in his AG!  Our SelecTRI youth team member, Jackson Reed, won his 14 and under division in the Aquabike.  Congrats to all!

Here are the results for the sprint triathlon:

Alan Jones – 53:53 – Male master’s winner and 7th overall

Phillip Deprang – 1:04:36 –  Male grandmaster’s winner

Byron Moore –  59:46 – 3rd in his 35-39 AG

Andreas Grossman – 1:05:41 – 3rd in his 50-54 AG

Joe Tokarz – 1:10:27 – 4th in his 50-54 AG

Keith Sacchieri – 1:12:46 – 1st in his 55-59 AG

Pia Grossman – 1:17:22 – 3rd in her 50-54 AG

Here are results for the duathlon:

Julio Morales – 1:05:29  – 2nd in his 40-44 AG

Gordon Irving – 1:05:32 – 1st in his 45-49 AG

Here are results for Aquabike:

Jackson Reed (SelecTRI Youth) – 45:52 – 1st in 14 and under AG


For more results, go to:



10 for Texas

The Woodlands Township hosted its annual hometown 10 for Texas race with 1,400 participants in the 10 mile race; a 5K race and 1 mile kids race on Saturday, October 14. Finish Strong Racing had 38 team members run the 10 mile race.  Despite the heat and humidity, the team persevered claiming Male Master’s, Female Grandmaster’s, and several podium wins.  Congrats to all!

Here are the results:

Michael Menster – 1:02:40 – 10th overall – Master’s winner

William Glaser – 1:06:29- 19th overall – 2nd 45-49 AG

Kevin Baker – 1:09:53 – 4th 40-44 AG

Brent Scott – 1:15:34

Andreas Grossman – 1:16:14

Pam Meaux – 1:16:24 – Grandmaster’s winner

James Carlson – 1:16:54

Mark Hanlon – 1:17:04 – 4th in 55-59 AG

Kevin Burnett – 1:20:03

Yves Puisieux – 1:20:07

Victor Martinez – 1:20:10

Clayton Hall – 1:21:39

Barry Carroll – 1:22:41

Pedro Aberastury – 1:25:42

Michelle Correal – 1:26:07

Deb Lyons – 1:26:50 – 2nd 55-59 AG

Claire Testar – 1:28:24

Phillip Deprang – 1:29:56 – 3rd 65-69 AG

Nicholas Crafton – 1:30:07

Sheri Bell – 1:30:54

Katerina Savelieva – 1:31:06

Gordon Irving – 1:32:56

Cheryl Perry – 1:33:33

Steve Rech – 1:33:40

Ileana Carroll – 1:34:29

Pamela Paling – 1:34:30

Adnan Afzal – 1:34:42

Michelle Howard – 1:35:05 (This was after she ran 8 miles to start the race!

Steven Phillips – 1:39:54

Bret Strong – 1:39:56

Jacqueline Medina-Lewis – 1:40:41

Byron Moore – 1:40:42

Lynn Bennick – 1:43:04

Andrea Crafton – 1:51:29

Carolyn Bailey – 1:59:49

Sara Vanderford – 1:59:49

Bob Bailey – 1:59:50

Alberto Agostini – couldn’t find your results


Huge thanks to Christi O’Neal who treated team members to myofascial stretching post-race at our tent.  We are all grateful!

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